​The information you share with us will be held completely confidential. We take your data privacy seriously – please see our Privacy Policy below for more information on how we process and safeguard your information.

Privacy policy

Bysted & Partners is a leading executive search company conducting board and executive searches, management assessments and -audits as well as other advisories/services on behalf of our clients. This is done either by our own efforts or through our network of international partners, SpenglerFox.

Our objective is to be as precise and detailed as possible when providing these services. In these efforts, we process relevant professional Information to match candidates with appropriate career opportunities, to conduct management assessments and -audits or provide advice and insights to our clients and candidates within our fields of operation.

The majority of our client relationships are based on long-term collaboration, which provides us with a unique and deep insight into the companies for which we work. Our clients range in size from small start-up companies to major groups.

Should you be interested in becoming a candidate, you are welcome to provide us with any Information you deem relevant in a professional context. This is purely voluntary, and we will treat your Information with utmost care and confidentiality.

If you have any questions relating to our Privacy Policy, please forward these to our Data Protection Manager, Kristina Heinze, on or +45 25 13 21 25 .

What kind of ‘Information’?

We collect publicly available Information, which is professionally relevant, on persons or companies from various (online) sources, including, but not limited to, news site & social media (LinkedIn, Xing etc.).

Besides publicly available Information, we also collect and process other Information which may be relevant in a professional context. This Information may include CV/resume(s), application(s), compensation schemes, annual reports, references etc. passed on by yourself.

Upon providing us with your consent to store and process your Information, we may combine this with other publicly available Information, storing and processing these together.

We strongly encourage you to eliminate any sensitive personal Information such as (but not limited to) social security number, racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, or trade union membership, health information or sexual orientation from the Information you provide to us.

If you choose to provide such Information anyway, it will be processed along with less sensitive Information. Within the purpose of conducting our core business, we will only use relevant Information to match you with executive searches and will, within reasonable limits, delete non-relevant sensitive personal Information.

The company data we collect, store and process concentrate on relevant Information aimed at understanding current or future client companies, presenting industry overviews and/or gaining industry and or/company insights which may be relevant in a professional context.

Why do we process your ‘Information’?

As an executive search company, we work as executive advisors to many companies, boards and executives regarding various business and organizational topics pertaining to our fields of operation. Part of this advisory includes conducting executive searches and matching potential candidates with future opportunities with our clients.

In continuation of this, your Information may be processed, and you may be contacted by us with the purpose of:

following up on your integration when being placed with one of our clients,

following up with our clients after your placement – including interviews with all relevant stakeholders,

getting your advice when executing other assignments,

supporting our executive search or advisory efforts.

We will only collect, store and process your Information insofar as we have a clear, legitimate business interest in doing so as part of our services provided. At no point will your personal Information be collected, stored, processed or passed on outside our fields of operation.

When may we disclose your ‘Information’?

As part of the services provided to our clients, we offer our clients various types of candidate, profile and market insights. Thus, we typically advise on and suggest potentially relevant candidate profiles to succeed in a position with our clients just as we provide market insights on the relevant candidate population. As a part of this, we may decide to present selected candidate profiles – restricted to relevant excerpts of their professional Information which is publicly available – to our client(s). This Information may include educational background and employment history.

The Information will only be disclosed in relation to our services and will always be limited to what is necessary for this purpose. We will do our utmost to ensure that the Information disclosed is always accurate and updated.

We will not share any Information which is not publicly available with anyone outside our organization without your prior consent. When sharing your Information, we will always take the utmost care to ensure your confidentiality. Any Information shared electronically will always be password-protected and/or encrypted.

With your consent, your Information may also be processed and shared for the purposes of:

matching you with relevant position(s) on behalf of our clients,

including assessing your match with such opportunities and introducing you to our client(s),

informing you of and discussing relevant opportunities potentially suitable for you,

verifying your professional information, educational credentials, professional diplomas and certificates,

conducting Management Assessment or Audit(s) for our client(s) as well as part of our other advisory services.

To whom may we disclose relevant parts of your ‘Information’?

Besides sharing publicly available excerpts of your Information with our clients, we may also discuss this Information with or disclose it to our international partners or their client(s) should your profile match a position with them. Should it be necessary to disclose additional Information, which is not publicly available, we will seek your explicit permission (consent) to do so in each case.

​How long will we keep your ‘Information’?

We will store, process and occasionally update your Information as long we have your consent.

As a general rule, we will delete Information if it has not been in use for up to 12 months. However, if we find that the Information no longer serves the purpose of which it was obtained, the Information will be deleted.

We reserve the right to keep any Information for a longer time period if it follows national or international laws, or if it fulfils the purpose of pursuing our legitimate business interest, i.e. ensuring a proper search functionality of our database.

Regularly, and at least annually, we will evaluate our data pool and cleanse it, keeping only relevant Information.

You always have the right to have your Information deleted, rectified or limited in processing.

Consent – when do we need it?

We always strive to get your explicit permission to store and process your Information through our ‘GDPR Form”.

However, if you choose to send us your Information unsolicited, we also interpret this as your consent for us to collect, store and process relevant Information about your professional profile.

We may combine your Information with other publicly available Information, storing and processing these together to match you with relevant position(s) or in relation to the other services provided within our fields of operation.

Should you wish to withdraw your consent, you are welcome to do so at any time by contacting us at

At Bysted & Thielsen, we constantly strive to treat your information with utmost care and confidentiality. Therefore, we will always ask for your specific consent – in addition to your initial general consent provided to us as described above – during certain parts of our executive search process, where we may collect, store and process sensitive Information.

These processes may include:

Assessment and testing

If you advance to the assessment phase of the executive search process, where you will be asked to complete/hand over various psychometric or other tests or assessments, we ask for your consent to store these for at least 12 months after the completion of our assignment to cover any subsequent questions from you or our client.

Background check/vetting

If you proceed to the final stages of our recruitment process, we will conduct a reference check with references provided by you. As part of this, we may conduct a background check, or you may be subject to a vetting process. In this case, you will be informed hereof, and you will be required to provide us with your specific consent in order to complete the recruitment.

A background check/vetting may include (but is not limited to) verification of positions held, employers and education as well as references. Moreover, it may include a “web presence/online analysis”, other associations as well as financial sturdiness etc.

For more information about our executive search process, please visit our homepage at

Your Rights

Right to be forgotten

Should you choose to exercise your ‘right to be forgotten’ we will delete all Information about you and inform other parties such as clients, test suppliers etc., which you have been exposed to through Bysted & Thielsen, about your request. However, we are unable to ensure the complete deletion outside of our own organization on behalf of data controllers who handle your Information independently, i.e. Information that has been passed on to our clients with your explicit consent.

We will naturally also take responsibility for deleting or rectifying any Information with potential data processors – all of which are governed by data processor agreements.

Moreover, we will maintain enough specifically identifying Information to ensure that no further collection or processing of Information will be undertaken until we have your renewed consent.


If you wish to receive an electronic version of the Information we have received from you, we will provide one in pdf-format within 15 working days from our receipt of your request. Default transfer of such Information will be via regular, unencrypted email, unless you require a secure channel or encrypted files. In this case, please contact us for a specific solution that may fit both parties.

How do we safeguard your ‘Information’?

Our database (including your Information) will be securely stored by a Software Provider(Dillistone).

All data hosted by Dillistone is encrypted and benefits from intrusion detection systems and regular penetration testing.

Our systems are only accessible to employees of Bysted & Thielsen, and access is generally restricted using globally leading solutions within IT security.

At Bysted & Thielsen, we strive to treat your Information with utmost care and confidentiality. If you believe we could do better, please let us know by contacting us at

Last updated on 24.10.2019

‘processing’ means any operation or set of operations which is performed on personal data or on sets of personal data, whether or not by automated means, such as collection, recording, organization, structuring, storage, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or otherwise making available, alignment or combination, restriction, erasure or destruction (

In this Privacy Policy, the term ‘Information’ is used to describe (i) for persons; any personal Information which is relevant in a professional context regarding your eligibility towards a specific professional position and (ii) for companies; any Information deemed relevant in a professional context to be able to advise and execute assignments for our clients.

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