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​“With every candidate, you always get a significant insight into the relevant market and your position as a brand from the candidates point of view”

You choose the level of assessment - a complete assessment includes a 12 month guarantee, ensuring a quick and free of charge replacement if the candidate does not fulfill the expectations.

At Bysted & Partners, we offer assessment in both new hiring’s and if your organization needs to evaluate the executive momentum within management or individual key positions. We often experience the demand to know the quality of the leadership talent organizations has available to drive their strategic initiatives, being a launch of a new strategy, the integration of an acquisition or the transformation of an important team.

In our assessments we work directly with the individual to address their own strengths and values, development areas and alert them to potential risks.

We customize our approach, but have a generic methodology:

  • Competency based interviews
  • Analysis of performance data
  • 360° analysis
  • Psychometrics
  • References
  • Benchmarking

Bysted & Partners always deliver an objective, neutral and professional evaluation taking the context of the organization into consideration. Complete assessment consists of:

Content can be delivered separately.

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We dedicate ourselves to a true and long-lasting co-operation with our clients and candidates, who all must gain value from the interaction with our competent teams and the process we offer.

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We are an Executive and Lean Search company primarily operating in Scandinavia and Northern Europe.