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​“With every candidate, you always get a significant insight into the relevant market and your position as a brand from the candidates point of view”

​Through a thorough effort, we supply our customers with a tailor-made in-depth market analysis of the candidate pool.

The method assesses which available talent is on the market at present. This service is especially useful when considering entering new markets to gain a deeper understanding of the talent pool, but can also be used as an effective - and cost-effective - way of assessing potential candidates and markets without having to make a full search / recruitment.

This solution is especially useful for companies who:

  • Does not have a direct recruitment need, but wants a market overview to be well prepared for a quick recruitment in the future.
  • ​Want to be sure that the ideal candidate actually exists on the market.
  • ​Want to identify and attract high quality passive candidates.
  • ​(If you advertise, but do not receive suitable candidates - you can - through a mapping, find out which candidates you want to contact. These types of candidates usually have to be “activated” - rather than waiting for them to actively search for ads).
  • ​May have a potential Executive Search need, but want a more comprehensive understanding of the market through Market Mapping so that the company has the relevant knowledge to decide whether candidates should be recruited.
  • ​Benchmarking. To get an understanding of how the competitors structure their businesses and which talents they have employed.
  • ​Intends to expand or launch to a new market or geographical location and want to understand the local talent pool before deciding whether to conduct a search locally.

Mapping includes:

  • Search specifications for mapping
  • A relevant longlist with between 50-150 candidates  (numbers depending on the profile)​
  • Screenings/interviews  - at least 70%

"gain insight into your market and candidate potential"

Important : You will obtain market intelligence and market talent assessment throughout the process, ensuring relevant calibration and benchmarking.

Fees start at 25.000 + VAT

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We dedicate ourselves to a true and long-lasting co-operation with our clients and candidates, who all must gain value from the interaction with our competent teams and the process we offer.

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