Executive Search​

​We help you
find your talent

​“With every candidate, you always get a significant insight into the relevant market and your position as a brand from the candidates point of view”

Executive search is more than finding candidates with the required expertise and background. It is also about finding the right match for your organization.

We specialize in the hard-to-find, top talent and/or mission critical profiles.

With an executive search, we can - ensured by an iterative process - present only the best suitable candidates on the market. We can access candidates who are not actively searching for a new position.

Through a rigorous and structured search, we identify the qualified candidates to find the best person suitable for your unique needs:

  • Analysis of your needs and business unit
  • Candidate and company profile
  • Search - Targetlist
  • Search - Longlist
  • Screenings
  • In-depth interviews/assessment
  • Shortlist / candidate field
  • Presentation of candidates
  • Tests and references

"Get the best match with the best candidate, relevant benchmark and have a satisfactory basis for decision-making""

All assessed candidates come with a 12-month guarantee.

Important : You will obtain market intelligence and market talent assessment throughout the process, ensuring relevant calibration and benchmarking.​

Our Partners

Idea and goal

We dedicate ourselves to a true and long-lasting co-operation with our clients and candidates, who all must gain value from the interaction with our competent teams and the process we offer.

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We are an Executive and Lean Search company primarily operating in Scandinavia and Northern Europe.