​We help you
find your talent

​“With every candidate, you always get a significant insight into the relevant market and your position as a brand from the candidates point of view”

At Bysted & Partners, we offer:

  • coaching
  • consulting on hiring
  • consulting on redundancies
  • consulting in relation to strategic development
  • career- and personal development - individually and with teams
  • Individual and teambased personal insight – gain more efficiency and minimize potential conflicts

​Competitive pressures, shifting market dynamics and ever-increasing customer expectations are ever present. The most successful organizations distinguish themselves by having the right people working effectively together; an organizational culture which is aligned with the strategic direction of the business, and a commitment to developing the leaders needed for the future.

Bysted & Partners always deliver an objective, neutral and professional evaluation taking the context of the organization into consideration. Our team has experience in creating and implementing new strategies with significant success, experience in establishing new branches, recruiting high-performance teams, devising, and implementing individual competitive concepts, change management and top performance measurement.

Our Partners

Idea and goal

We dedicate ourselves to a true and long-lasting co-operation with our clients and candidates, who all must gain value from the interaction with our competent teams and the process we offer.

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We are an Executive and Lean Search company primarily operating in Scandinavia and Northern Europe.